Meditation & Flow

Tues. 7pm| Thurs. 9am/pst

cost: $8

Description: This is a 60 minute class broken into 2 sections. 30 minutes of a guided vinyasa power yoga flow & 30 minutes of a guided meditation & journaling session. Via Zoom. The focus of this class is to first move the body to get you centered & integrated into the space. Then once we are fully immersed we focus on tapping into pent up issues & letting them go. You will need water, a towel, A Journal & your favorite yoga mat.


This class is for all levels of yoga & fitness. Modifications & advancements will be offered throughout class. Throughout the class we will focus on staying in tune with your intention & building a deeper Mind body connection. 

**Note: When setting up for class make sure your camera shows your full body standing & down on your mat so the instructor can cue accordingly.

An email confirmation with the zoom link will be sent upon receipt of payment

Instagram: @christajanine

Facebook: Christa Janine

Tel: (818) 473-5865