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Yoga in Action Social Justice Retreat
Next Live Workshop (June 26 & 27, 1pm/pst-4pm/pst)
**Note: This retreat is for anyone, but if you're a yoga you will receive continuing education credit through Yoga Alliance

About Christa Janine

Christa Janine,  500hr RYT | 200hr E-RYT | YACEP® , is a health and wellness professional who has been teaching yoga since 2012. Since then she has launched a successful virtual fitness studio hosting private and sold-out group classes weekly, a life coaching business running group and individual programs, and several workshops for yoga study and business. She has navigated the yoga and fitness industry for over 8 years in many markets throughout North America and discovered a lack of diversity and inclusion. She experienced not only herself but fellow BIPOC being passed over for promotions, class times, and formats and being questioned about their teaching experience from students. Identifying as a change agent and an individual who believes in equality in all spaces, she now focuses energy on educating individuals and companies on the importance of Diversity & Inclusion in the yoga and fitness space.

The Retreat

Weekend Breakdown: 


Saturday, June 5th - Diversity & Inclusion in the fitness industry


  • Define what "Diversity & Inclusion" means

  • Discuss the demographics of the yoga industry 

  • Discuss cultural barriers to entry 

  • Hear personal anecdotes about BIPOC's experiences in the yoga industry

  • Define Ally vs. Accomplice

  • Identify our unconscious bias

  • Discuss why representation matters

  • Breakout room activities

Sunday, June 6th - Yoga Philosophy & Social Justice 


  • Review Saturday's Diversity workshop.

  • Identify how yoga aligns with social justice & anti-racism

  • Discuss the concept of "othering"

  • Create a personalized purpose-focused mission statement

  • Discuss Chakra system work that encourages activism 

  • Breakout room activities

The Breakdown

This 2-day retreat will help you identify where the yoga and fitness industries have space to improve in the realm of diversity and inclusion. We will discuss tangible steps you can use today to make a noticeable change in your community now.


In addition, I will also use fundamental principles of yoga philosophy to help educate and empower you in the fight for social justice. 

We will define the difference between diversity vs. inclusion. We will identify personal areas of bias you may have been unaware of from the past.  

We will all identify our privilege and aspects of our life where we are targeted. We will use these flow charts to create a personalized action plan. 


We will discuss how the power of an unblocked 3rd & 5th chakra can help us all speak out against social injustice, and lastly, at the end of both days we will divide up into Breakout rooms to discuss the day's takeaways in a more intimate environment. 

Total Investment

Single Day - $150

Full Weekend - $300

Upcoming Retreat

June 26 & 27, 1pm/pst - 4pm/pst


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