30 minutes of a guided meditation & journaling session. The main focus of these sessions is to focus on tapping into pent-up issues & blockers to ultimately find a way to let them go. This is a great way to release any mental blockers and push forward to achieve company or personal goals. 

These 45-60 minute classes focus on strength building and flexibility. The mantra, or intention, communicated at the top of the session is company driven but used in a way to empower employees and show them their personal stake in the overall goal. These classes are intense, and staff should be prepared to sweat. 


"Reclaiming your narrative while tapping into your highest most authentic self" is a 90-minute meditative lecture. During our time together attendees will identify and dispel the lies that have been fed to them throughout life, and begin to write their life's mission statement centered around how they view themselves and what they want out of life.


This is an interactive lecture, so there will be journaling and sharing throughout. By the end of the session, attendees should have more clarity about what their desires are and have an action plan in place to start achieving those goals.




30 Min. Meditation - $500
60 Min. Hour Class - $750
90 Min. Workshop - $800
Full Package (all 3 offerings) - $1500


"Christa Smith did a phenomenal job for our pre-wedding meditation the night before our ceremony. She carefully and thoughtfully guided us through an intimate, one-on-one meditation which included breathing, journaling, dialogue, and response to prompts related to our relationship, strengths, challenges, and our future hopes and goals as a married couple. We did not know what to expect, and with all the night-before anxiety and nerves, her guided meditation was exactly what we needed. We each felt ready and calm for the big day, and any doubts or fears that were lingering were quickly removed after we engaged in her meditation."

~James & Ashley Purviance | Guided Meditation

"The event was engaging and well presented. The information was relevant and clearly defined. I felt empowered by the end of the lecture to begin defining my "why". It was really helpful hearing Christa share her "why" statement to give me an idea of how to ensure my statements are defined."

~ Denise | "Reclaiming Your Narrative" Attendee

"Love this class! It kicks my butt into high gear in the best way. It challenges me to push myself just a bit harder, and I keep coming back because I feel accomplished when I’m done."​

~Britney B. | Yoga Class


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