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Corporate Services

Guided Group Meditation

30 minutes of a guided meditation & journaling session. The main focus of these sessions is to focus on tapping into pent-up issues & blockers to ultimately find a way to let them go. This is a great way to release any mental blockers and push forward to achieve company or personal goals. 

Guided Group Yoga 

These 45-60 minute classes focus on strength building and flexibility. The mantra, or intention, communicated at the top of the session is company driven but used in a way to empower employees and show them their personal stake in the overall goal. These classes are intense, and staff should be prepared to sweat. 

Personal Development

Mindful Leadership Workshop - This 30-minute to 90-minute workshop is centered around the benefits of mindful leadership in the workplace. We begin with an overview of the benefits of personal meditation. This is followed by a guided group meditation that last for roughly 10 to 15-minutes.


After the meditation, we discuss the benefits of mindful leadership in the workplace and how this type of management leads to more healthy work environments for everyone. We also discuss the benefits of this leadership strategy in regards to productivity and overall team morale.  The workshop concludes with me providing resources to the group to further development their mindful leadership strategies in the future. 


Corporate Testimonials
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