Christa Smith is a lifestyle coach with a desire to help busy people achieve their health and fitness goals.


Though her full-time profession is in television and film production, she’s always had a passion for fitness. In 2012 she received her 200-hour yoga instructor certification, and has taught traditional Vinyasa yoga, Yoga sculpt, Cycling and Barre.


As most women Christa found herself at her heaviest weight after the birth of her son. It took her nearly 5 years, but on her 30th birthday she finally decided to refocus on herself and her fitness journey. She began to get involved with online fitness accountability groups and started to see results quickly.  

She realized she could take her various experiences, both failures and successes, and pay them forward. By combining a balanced diet, Yoga, HIIT and cardio she believes people can obtain their healthiest physical body.


However, Christa doesn’t solely believe that a physical change is enough to reach and maintain a healthy lifestyle. She encourages individuals to find their "tribe" as well. Christa achieved her best fitness results after participating in an online challenge group. Since then she's  hosted and facilitated many of her own. 


By refocusing her mindset Christa has been able to shift her life towards a more positive and uplifting state of being. Through her work as a lifestyle coach she hopes to help others do the same for others.


As a lifestyle coach Christa helps women accomplish their fitness goals and reconnect to themselves so they feel more fulfilled in life.


As a 200-hour E-RYT yoga instructor & a digital fitness coach her main focus through social media, and business overall, is to encourage & empower others to live their most authentic lives by creating their own narrative for their futures.


Christa is a single mother to an adorable little boy. Though many often look at her parenting situation in a negative or unfavorable manner, she focuses on the positive aspects of motherhood.

Christa is by no means one to follow traditional rules when it comes to parenting, and believes that everyone’s parenting style is unique to their child. Outside of fitness and nutrition Christa will sprinkle in blog posts sharing some of the fun and endearing moments she and Chris experience together.

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